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About us

Hello! Welcome to FashionLabel.com

FashionLabel.com, is a new and exciting shopping website... a retail community focused on selling apparel and accessories Made in America.

FashionLabel.com is a dream turned reality, founded by designer and entrepreneur Reginalde Messac. As the creative director of FashionLabel.com, Reginalde is committed to supporting the careers of up and coming independent designers and fashion industry entrepreneurs. Reginalde’sdesire to support American business and entrepreneurship and her belief in the strength of American manufacturing and products, is the backbone for the website' s theme, Made in America.

Businesses invited to join FashionLabel.com include:

  • Independent and emerging designers of men's, women's, and children clothing and accessories
  • Established and corporate manufacturers of the same.

We want to offer everyone manufacturing apparel, jewelry, handbags, shoes etc. in the USA to share in the opportunity to further their success by opening a store and selling on FashionLabel.com.

The many benefits of being a selling member of FashionLabel.com include:

  • Quick and easy direct deposit payment for items sold.
  • Marketing, sales, and public relations support to empower fashion entrepreneurs,  help build their Brand and connect with consumers.
  • Connect apparel and accessory manufacturers with top industry professionals and experts offering services and consultation vital to successful business and product production in the USA.

It's FREE to apply and open your store !
We look forward to having you on board !

You can always reach us at info@FashionLabel.com

Continued Success !


Contact : info@fashionlabel.com

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